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TechLa Bike

(Lab on a bike)

Supported by - 

Gourmet Garden

Managed by - 

Agastya International Foundation , Bangalore

Project overview

Budget/ Target

Rs. 7,37,000 


1 year


7200 underprivileged children

Project objectives

  • Increase access to practical, hands-on Science for economically disadvantaged government school children.

  • To Spark Curiosity, Creativity and build leadership among underprivileged children.

  • To supplement Government School system with experiential science learning

  • Introduce peer to peer teaching/learning methodology.


About the project

Agastya’s Lab-on-a-Bike represents an innovative initiative that combines the compactness, portability, and modularity of the Lab in a Box (LIB) with the mobility of a motorbike, driven by one of Agastya’s teachers. The concept extends Agastya’s reach into areas where the mobile labs cannot go. It also removes the hierarchy between instructor and driver in the minds of the villagers.

It is estimated that, in one year, each TechLaBike can result in 7,200 high impact interactions.

The instructor delivers science education and digital literacy to the doorstep of remote village schools.

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About the NGO

Through hands-on, interactive teaching-learning methods Agastya is helping children to break out of the limitations of their social constraints by transforming attitudes to learning.​

The Mobile Science Lab (MSL) is a very powerful and innovative instrument to revolutionize rural education and make hands-on education increasingly accessible. Each MSL travels to doorstep of remote schools with 100+ hands-on science models covering a wide range of topics in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math for Class 6th to 9th.The teaching approach is consistent with the National Curriculum Framework and the topics overlap the NCERT syllabus. There are also experiments not directly correlated to the state syllabus but are intended to spark curiosity and encourage questioning among the children.

Science Center: Science Centers act as a resource center, teacher training center, venue for special training activities like; project based learning, discovery based learning, integrated learning. The Science Centre is a space for children and teachers to experience learning in a hands-on, interactive and positive environment.

Agastya had initiated the Lab on a Box (LOB) which has proved to be a great resource for government school teachers to execute hands-on science activities on a regular basis. The instructor travels to different schools each day along with the LOB box which fits onto his bike.

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