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Financial Literacy for women

Managed by -  NGO Arth Sangini

Project overview

Budget/ Target

Rs. 1,00,000


1 year


30 women from rural areas

Project objectives

  • To encourage and motivate women to develop skills to become self reliant and make them part of main stream of the society.

  • Teach them activities like making Paneer, Tailoring,  for commercial use.

  • To establish a marketing channel for them to sell their produce.

  • Teach them communication and soft skills to make them independent in the long term.


About the NGO

The lack of accessibility to knowledge, gender-inequalities, low motivation, less female role models and inadequate resources are main reasons why many poor women have not been able to develop themselves. This creates a vicious cycle and makes them incapable of becoming independent in attaining complete control of their finances.

We act as change-makers, trainers and influencers to resolve these problems for women and inspire a just and equal attitude within the communities.

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