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Launching the UNO Pledge

'Uno' means 1 !
Hence, we urge you to contribute 1% of your monthly income to a local NGO of your choice.

Through the UNO pledge we want you to be a part of this tribe which is empathetic towards the requirements of the underprivileged.

Our NGO partners work on different projects and social causes

Choose the ones you feel the most compassionate to.


Donate Local

You will be able to witness the impact of your donation first-hand on communities in your city and area.

' Why ' 


Test and Trust

Know the exact impact of every rupee donated, how will it be used, how much time will it take, what will be the outcome.


Feel the Impact

Opportunity to make human connections with the beneficiaries, NGO staff, helpers etc. who are impacted by your donations. 

The UNO Pledge
The process is simple

1. Choose the social cause

2. Select an amount to donate

(min.  1% of your monthly income)

How do we help ?

Apart from providing complete information of the social projects and verifying the social organisations, we connect you to the social project so you can be the judge.

Hence bringing complete transparency to the process.

Disbale child.jpg


Step 1

Connect with the beneficiaries, staff and people behind the NGO you choose.



Step 2

Monthly live updates of the NGO activities through email, call, social media.

Free food distribution.jpg


Step 3

NGO visit once you are a regular donor

Join our community of givers
Get to know why others like you donate

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