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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

We help online businesse & brands to involve their customers in giving .


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We support you at each step

We connect your customers to social causes in a single click



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One click integration

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Customized Installation

Integrate our custom code

As per your website language

We help you put the donation


widget on your website.

Donation Widget

We help integrating the widget to your website. 
The widget shows up on the checkout page so that your users can donate.
The users can choose to check the box each time they make a purchase and contribute to the selected project.

Donate during Online Purchase

How we help !

Aid-On collaborates with companies with a concern about the social impact.
Through easy to implementation channels, we help your customers to donate funds for high social impact projects.

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Easy to use

  • Engage your customers to        support a social cause, with a single-click.


  • Support a social cause          relevant to your business.

Quick Integration

  • No interference with    payment gateway.

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