Do you have a social cause partner?

We help companies to find opportunities relevant to their company mission !

We sit and strategize exclusive social projects which your company can support.

Ways in which companies can connect with social causes

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Manage CSR activities at

no cost

We have the most unique and impactful ideas to deploy CSR funds.
We have innovative procts with 10X impact of your donations.
We suggest, organise and implement projects which helps companies in tackling social issues surrounding their factory, plants and offices. 
We plan activities which benefit the underprivileged nearby and also help company in creating positive brand value.


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donation drive 

We will run a dedicated page/campaign for the employees to donate to the social cause/s selected by you. The company may select a percentage or fully match the donations collected by employees. 


Product bundling

The company may pair donations as per their sales, preset terms and keep donating (money or kind).

For example, you may choose to donate Rs 10 for each pair of shoes you sell towards meals for young children


you may donate 1 pair of shoes after every 10th sale.   

Enabling donations during

online purchase

We have developed a donation widget which gives the customer an option to donate small amounts each time they make a purchase on your website/app.

It is a single click checkbox for your customer to donate for the social initiative chosen by you.