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Do you have a social cause partner?

We help companies to find opportunities relevant to their company mission !
We sit and strategize exclusive social projects which your company can support.


Ways in which companies can connect with social causes

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High Impact 

10X impact of the money spent on social projects by innovatively utilising the unused and ideal resources.

CSR Strategy

Identifying social causes in line with client focus and priorities.
Identifying, screening and recommending the right NGO partners.

Manage CSR activities 

We provide end-to-end CSR management and plan, design and implement social impact initiatives for your company.


We have the most unique and impactful ideas to deploy CSR funds.


Focus on Local areas


The beneficiaries of the social projects are the population of villages nearby your units/factories/plants.

Promoting clients’ CSR activities in print and digital media. Creating Documentary CSR videos, social media.End-to-end execution of each project

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Step 1

Employees complete Donor Instruction Form (either online or paper).

Step 2

Payroll processes the deductions from salary and sends a notification

Employee Workplace Giving 

This program encourages employees to give back to society direct from pay While giving company option to match the donations from employees. Creating a philanthropic gesture for both company and employees.

This can be integrated/managed by the payroll software of the company.

Step 3

Step 4

Aid On processes the instructions and disburses the funds to NGO partners

Employer optionally matches the donation.

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Easy to use

Engage your customers to        support a social cause, with a single-click.


Support a social cause          relevant to your business.

We have developed a donation widget which gives the customer an option to donate small amounts each time they make a purchase on your website/app.

It is a single click checkbox for your customer to donate for the social initiative chosen by you.

Quick Integration

Several APIs 

No interference with    payment gateway.

We have a plugins for shopify and wordpress. Our code supports all languages.

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