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We collaborate with companies with a purpose and trusted NGOs

to support social projects with high impact on community. 

We are united by our desire to create awareness and experiences,

so that people can see and feel the impact of their donations.


Is your company advocating any social issue ? 

90% of global consumers are likely to switch to the brand associated with a good cause.

Making A Difference

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Education to blind children

Objective: To train 20 students with computer skills and typing abilities.

Distribution of free food packets

Objective: To distribute 350 food packets daily to the needy in government hospitals.

Free distribution of medicine

Objective: Provide 50 poor patients with medical assistance of any kind monthly.

Companies with a cause

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“It was very simple and quick process to integrate the donation widget.

 Our customers have noticed the change and started donating to uplift the needy.”

— Ankit Mehta, Founder,

MMC Convert


What do founder's think

“We could support social causes of our choice during the lockdown. 

Seeing the immense impact of the micro donations from our platform makes us trust them.”

— Vishi Porwal,

Founder,Indian Threads


"Our customers are foreigners and millennials who are well aware and respond to donating small amounts while booking their stay.

Aid On gave us an easy to use solution which was helpful and instant. 

— Arjun Munjral,

Founder, Joey's Hostel


“If you’re in the luckiest 1% of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99%.”

- Warren Buffett

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