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Daily provision of food to the needy

Managed by-  Sadachar Samiti

Project overview


Rs. 5,00,000


6 months



Project objectives

To distribute 350 food packets daily to the needy in government hospitals.

Solve the problem of hunger among the needy and helpless.

Planting Trees

About the NGO

Sadachar Samiti

Dedicated to provide more than 3000 food packets daily to the needy and other NGOs which are not able to provide food to their inhabitants.

This organisation started in 1989, provides a standardized food packets to the destitute (people who are unable to get their daily bread). They make and distributed about 3200 packets daily. The NGO has a center in Navlakha area in Indore where the entire food is prepared using automatic machines.

The spectacular thing about this organisation there has never been a day when no food packets were made and distributed, which means it does not have holidays. Each day, be it a sunday, diwali, holi or any other occasion the dedicated staff works every day to feed the needy.

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