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Hand Holding During Pandemic

Managed by -  Porgai Artisans Association

Project overview

Budget/ Target

Rs. 8,00,000


1 year


60 female artisans, aged 20-70

Project objectives

  • The main objective of the project is to support the society to go through the difficult situation created as a consequence of the pandemic.

  • To have an untied, unconditional support to a group of courageous women who otherwise are proud to stand on their on feet.

  • Impact on society Porgai has a profound impact on the lives of the artisans,their families and community.

  • This is a society owned and run by artisans.

  • Being part of this,gives each artisan an opportunity to be rooted in her own village,work from home and have a healthier and happier life,instead of migrating to cities.


About the NGO

We, the women of the community had a rich tradition of hand embroidery which our ancestors did on the clothing and other day to day articles. In course of time, when we stopped wearing the traditional dress, the craft was lost for more than 2 generations. Since 2006, with the facilitation of Tribal Health Initiative we have revived the craft.

From Neela & Gammi who had learned the craft from their grandmothers, but had no need to practice it, a few of us learned it. And thus was formed the PORGAI Artisans Association. “Porgai” in lambadi dialect means “Pride”.

We are now a registered society of 60 lambadi women.

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