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4 'Business for good' examples

Social entrepreneurs are society’s change agents, creators of innovation that disrupts the status quo and transform the world for the better.

We can take a good explanation of Ms Ajaita shah who works with a mission to empower Rural India. ‘Frontier Markets’ is the name of her business where she aims to supply solar energy powered products at an extremely affordable cost to rural areas. This is a business for good and when they profit, society profits.

In this blog we will talk about such companies that incorporate community in the heart of their operations


For more than 11 years, Rescue chocolate has partnered with over 700 non-profit animal rescue groups. Its twofold mission is to provide scrumptious and fairly traded chocolate bars for humans to enjoy, and to use profits for various animal rescue organisations, through monetary and in- kind donations.

They believe all for profit companies can partner with organisations that are working to make the world better, even if only in a small way.


Sure Call is a contact centre also specializes in ‘business process optimization’, has adapted its business financial model to incorporate a top-line percentage of revenue contribution to its ‘Good Call’ program.

This program establishes a funding pool for local, national and international causes that focus on education and empowerment to women in underserved communities, and a broad range of children’s issues.


Giv local has used the B impact Assessment to provide a ‘guiding star’ strategy for how the company could be designed and come to life.

Giv Local donates 20% of processing revenue back to local non-profit of each business’s choosing , and supports each business in becoming a local hero in the eyes of employees , customers and local non-profit that will receive recurring annual donations .


Rockridge Venture Law is a boutique corporate and intellectual property firm that has always benchmarked a 10% pro bono standard for helping marginalized communities in their practice areas like patent filings, entity formation and more.

Rock ridge employees go the extra mile in community endeavors because they resonate with the mission and people they are trying to serve

They encourages business of all shapes and sizes to start by asking each member of the organization what they care about most and offering them outlet to support and pursue those passions with company assistance.

Among the large number of individuals chasing financial freedom, there is a growing minority of social entrepreneurs who are focused on solving some of the world’s biggest problems by finding unique ways of creating sustainable solutions. They are driven to create an impact that will improve our lives and environment.

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