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Project Anando

Managed by - 

Light of Life Trust

Project overview

Budget/ Target

Rs. 9,60,000


1 year


100 rural children

Project objectives

  • Enhance the child's personality.

  • Build capacity and develop leadership skills.

  • Equip for employability.

  • Involvement of parents, community and teachers in child's growth.


About the project

Project Anando, initiated in 2005, sustains probable secondary school dropouts and equips them with skills to live in mainstream society, thus contributing to their all-round development. The project adopts the 3E approach of ‘Educate, Empower and Equip for Employability’. Post Std. X, it handholds them in making career choices and supports their higher education and vocational training under a programme called Anando Plus.


About the NGO

Light of Life Trust is a non-governmental organisation established in 2002 by Founder & Managing Trustee Villy Doctor, with a vision to transform the lives of underprivileged rural communities in India. Light of life Trust through its holistic development approach is looking at supporting and strengthening the capacities of its beneficiaries to break out of the vicious generational cycle of poverty that rural India is reeling under. Through its ongoing efforts, the organization is looking at building a generation of youth who are literate, confident, and knowledgeable of the world in which they live and who are able to make effective career choices that would lead them to gainful means of livelihood and thus make them and their families financially independent and stable. The Trust aims to empower these communities through an integrated model of education, skill training programmes and health care in rural areas.

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