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          High protein diet to pregnant ladies

Managed by - Sahayata Sanstha

Project overview




6 months



Project objectives

High protein diet is given to undernourished and underweight pregnant ladies from the 5th month of pregnancy to the 9th month. This results in the child being born healthy which saves lakhs of rupees of the family and the nation if the child would have been born malnourished or with any disabilities.

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About the project

This campaign aims to provide high protein and nutritious food to weak pregnant ladies whose hemoglobin is less than 7 gms or have weight below 35kgs.

This diet is rich in protein & iron which eventually helps the baby to become healthy and prevents the newborn from being malnourished.

As Dr. Shrivastav, In-Charge Medical Officer puts it, they have observed a 200 - 300 gms increase in the weight of infants and the hemoglobin level of women has risen by 2-3 gms.

Aid On is successfully working for this cause in 11 government hospitals in Indore district by raising funds for them.

This project creates 10x impact of donation by turning an unhealthy child into a healthy child birth results in savings lakhs of rupees of the family, society and nation.

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About the NGO

Sahayata through its 26 branches in different cities treats 14,000 patients daily.
It is located in the one of the biggest 750 bedded government hospitals of Madhya Pradesh – M.Y. Hospital.
A dedicated group of 150 activists provide their voluntary service daily to this organisation. The highly experienced volunteers identify women who are not healthy and give them the high protein diet for consumption. This daily activity helps to turn an unhealthy baby into a healthy baby which saves lakhs of rupees of the family and nation.

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