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5 Things to Know Before Donating to a Social Project

As much as we want to contribute back to our society, at times, our charity proves to be less impactful than we expect. There are many reasons for this, such as malpractices, lack of information, lack of transparency and others. But the most common one is ineffective giving.

What is Ineffective Giving?

Ineffective giving, despite the good intentions behind it, is a less impactful donation due to the disorganized allocation of funds.

For example - When you make a purchase, you consider the value derived from the money given. But in the case of a charity, donors pay less attention to the impact of their contribution i.e the value for their money, which leads to ineffective charity.

So how can you make your donations more impactful and make sure your money goes in the right hands? Here are 5 things that you should know before donating to a social project.

1. Support a cause that is important to you or your company

We all have a social cause that we feel naturally drawn to. Some companies like to solely donate to the education sector, while others focus on relief funds. Similarly, find out the motive that you and your employees feel most passionate about and focus on supporting that specific cause.

Don’t wait for a charity to approach you. Instead, do your research and find a non-profit that aligns well with your social goals.

2. Search for NGOs credibility

Once you find the organisation you would like to support, do thorough background research on the NGO. Look for online reviews, complaints, google rating, social media comments and if your donation is eligible for tax exemption.

One of the best ways to check the credibility of the organisation is to volunteer for it. It gives you time to understand their projects and evaluate their team. Furthermore, you can check its registration and other details on NGO Darpan, a government directory for non-profit organisations.

3. Find out charity’s vision and mission